Morpheus: a highly modular case from DeepCool!


DeepCool announces a little craziness with its new Morpheus case. Indeed, this is an imposing model offering a certain modularity. You’ll be able to opt for classic, chimney or compartmentalized mounting, depending on what you want!

Morpheus, one housing, three possible assemblies!

DeepCool Morpheus

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a quick word on the case’s imposing dimensions. This model measures 250 (W) x 528 (D) x 551 (H) mm. The weight is not to be outdone either, at 15.5 kg. With a box like this, there’s no need to go to the gym – the gym comes to you!

As we said, thanks to a power supply slot, storage bays and a removable motherboard tray, several configurations are possible. Of course, the case arrives with a standard assembly, i.e. the motherboard mounted above the power supply. However, it will be possible to mount the power supply on the front for chimney-type cooling. Alternatively, storage and power supply can be arranged behind the motherboard tray for a compartmentalized design. However, this type of mounting will be at the expense of compatibility with the CPU ventirad.

DeepCool Morpheus 2

Even so, the case will offer plenty of space, with ample clearance for the main components. The motherboard can be in E-ATX format, which doesn’t scare the Morpheus. Likewise, the graphics card and CPU cooling unit can be generously sized, up to 480 and 195 mm respectively. As for the power supply, we have 18 cm officially free.

Cooling options are considerable, with up to twelve 140 mm fans available, depending on configuration. The same goes for watercooling, with 420 mm radiator support at the top, bottom, front and side of the motherboard tray. If you feel like it, you can go wild with custom watercooling!

Finally, you can even have fun customizing your case with little cyan-colored silicone squares. You can insert them into the meshes of the different mesh panels to create the patterns you like – it’s always fun.

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Here’s the DeepCool product sheet!