Liquid Freezer II : problem of seal on some kits !


The Liquid Freezer II kits from Arctic, if you have read our tests you know, we like them. These AIOs are pretty good on temperatures, but formidable on the noise aspect… In addition to enjoying an excellent price positioning.

Nevertheless, as good as they are, there can always be a problem on the horizon. And that’s what happened to the models produced between May 2021 and March 2022. A problem with the vulcanization of the rubber in the base seal can cause loss of performance and even leakage.

Liquid Freezer II: a problem with the seal… Don’t panic, Arctic reacted!

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 After a quality control, the brand realized that the joint of some kits suffered from a manufacturing problem. Indeed, the rubber used was not sufficiently vulcanized. This results in potential deformations of the joint or its rapid degradation. Moreover, chemical reactions can occur between it and the copper base. As you can see, the consequences can be unfortunate, with loss of performance and risk of leaks. Fortunately, the brand reacts by proposing kits to do the repair yourself. The goal behind this is simple: to limit the machine’s downtime. Without a CPU heatsink, the PC can’t function. The procedure is simple: unscrew the copper base, replace the gasket, top up with liquid and screw the new copper base back on. According to the brand, the operation requires no special knowledge. And according to the video it shared, it’s as simple as removing four screws. On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always return your AIO, however, the maintenance may take several weeks depending on your country of residence.

After the handling, the advantage is that you keep the 6 years warranty. Otherwise, you should know that all potentially affected products have been removed from the market and warehouses. Finally, to know if your water cooling is affected, go to this link.