[LABO] iCUE Link Corsair custom liquid cooling loop


We’re off! This weekend sees the start of the assembly of Corsair‘s iCue Link custom liquid cooling loop. The first step is to install the two waterblocks, the one that will keep our i7-14700K processor cool, the XC7 RGB Elite LCD, and the second, the XG3 RGB, for the ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme motherboard. As a reminder, installation will take place in the Corsair 7000D AirFlow case.

The next step is to integrate our motherboard into the case, and place the two Corsair XR7 and XR7 radiators, topped by the brand’s new iCUE Link QX120 RGB fans. The idea is that, thanks to this series of “iCUE Link” components, the number of cables will be reduced to a minimum, facilitating integration and cable management. To achieve this, we’ll need to combine our various Corsair components with the iCue Link HUB system, which looks very promising!

Don’t hesitate to visit us again this week to follow the progress of this assembly and, above all, to discover the other components that will be installed. We’ll also be sharing the assembly and discussions with members of our Discord in the #watercooling section.