The Corsair iCUE Link custom cooling loop


Having reviewed the Corsair iCUE Link XG3 RGB Hybrid GPU waterblock, it’s now time to assemble a complete cooling loop with all the components we’ve received from Corsair France. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read our two dedicated tests, we invite you to do so before starting to read this new article. Before we start installing this custom cooling loop, i.e., made up of various independent components, we’d like to take a look at those we haven’t yet had the chance to tell you about: the XR5 360 NEO radiator, the XD5 RGB Elite pump/reservoir combo and the iCUE Link QX120 RGB fans.

Many thanks to Corsair for making these components available. These can be purchased directly from the Corsair website, which also provides a tool to help you choose the most suitable components. Finally, we’ll have to wait a few more days for the loop to be assembled, since it will be housed in a box, but shhhh, a little more patience.