Future Core Ultra 7 155H: 35% faster than Core i7-13700H


As you know, the 14th generation of Intel processors is a bit special. While we’ll have to make do with a refresh for desktop PCs, the family dedicated to mobility is about to undergo a major overhaul. The arrival of the Meteor Lake architecture promises substantial gains on several levels. In this context, the first leaks concerning a Core Ultra 7 155H are interesting to analyze. This mid-range processor with 14 cores (6P 8E) features 2 MB of L2 cache per core for Redwood Cove “P” cores, and 24 MB of shared L3 cache. The P cores have a maximum frequency (on a single core) of 4.8 GHz, while the Crestmont “E” cores exceed 3.8 GHz. If we want a benchmark, this processor should take over from the Core i7-13700H.

Core Ultra 7 155H

This famous Core Ultra 7 155H was spotted under Geekbench mounted in an HP Spectre x360 notebook. It obtained a multi-core score of 12,853 points. This is 36% higher than the Core i7-13700H in the same HP device. The single-core score, on the other hand, is perplexing, given that both processors have roughly the same maximum frequency (around 4.8 GHz). The question is whether this is an internal test sample or the future commercial version. It’s possible that a number of other optimizations will further modify these data, such as bios, CPU firmware etc. etc.

What will Intel’s future Core Ultra processors really deliver?

Core Ultra

According to other sources, other variants include the Core Ultra 7 165H with a 5 GHz P-core boost clock . The flagship of the range will be the Core Ultra 9 185H. A piori it will reach 5.1 GHz on the fastest core. All three SKUs will feature 14 cores, divided between 6P and 8E.