EKWB announces their AIO EK-Nucleus Dark !


New watercooling kits are coming from EKWB with EK-Nucleus Dark kits. These are equipped with 240 mm and 360 mm radiators and do not offer any lighting, nor screen. These kits are 100% discreet and completely black.

EK-Nucleus : AIO kits that are completely black, without any bling !

EK Nucleus DarkWith its new kits, the Slovenian brand offers us AIOs that come with a 240 mm and 360 mm radiator. Its construction is aluminum and it is 27 mm thick. A rather classic model with a neat finish: rectangular, without visible screws or rivets.

Concerning the pump, we have a completely black model with an ABS shell. The top is adjustable to be oriented in the right direction. It only remains to talk about its operating speed which is 3100 rpm ±10%.

In terms of ventilation, we have the right to two or three EK-Loop FTP fans. The latter have a connector allowing a connection in series. The goal is to avoid saturating the motherboard’s connectivity with a single device. In any case, these mills benefit from a PWM power supply and operate from 550 rpm to 2300 rpm. At full speed, the airflow will reach 72 CFM.

EK Nucleus Dark

On the assembly side, the brand indicates that its kits are compatible with the LGA-2000, LGA-1000 and AM4/AM5 platforms.

In the accessories provided, in addition to the mounting elements, EK provides an accessory to facilitate the mounting of spacers. We remember only too well the one located in the corner of the VRM heatsinks of the motherboard, completely unreachable.

As for the prices, it will be necessary to spend 129,90 € for the kit in 240 mm against 169,90 € for the 360 mm!

Here and there the EKWB files !