DDR5 and DDR4: prices continue to plummet!


Very often, when a technology arrives, it remains expensive. However, the price of the technology eventually comes down over time, due to improvements in production capacity. This is what is currently happening with DDR5 RAM , whose prices have dropped significantly!

DDR5 and DDR4: prices continue to fall!

Prix DDR5

If we believe Guru3D DDR5 memory continues to see its selling price drop… And significantly so. In their example, they show the evolution of a G.Skill Flare X5 kit that went from over €260 in September 2022 to ~€165 by December 31. And that’s not the only example we have in mind.

At the end of May 2022, Corsair announced new frequencies for its Vengeance kits. At the time of writing the article, we were giving the 32GB in 6200 MT/s at €310. Now they are only available at 196,90 € the same goes for the 6000 MT/s versions that can be had at 176,90 €.

Finally, if you are looking for DDR5 memory, it will be possible to get 16 GB kits in 4800 MT/s and CL38 from $ 87 on Amazon… Or even less, if we dig deeper on the site, but the search criteria of the merchant are “ridiculous” to say the least!

Anyway, good news, by the way, if you were planning an upgrade, it might be the right time to look into it.