CX6, Cryorig’s future CPU cooler!


Yesterday, we told you that Cryorig seemed to be coming back to life. The brand’s Facebook page is gradually coming back to life, and even shared a teaser linked to a new cpu cooler. We didn’t have to wait long to see what it had in store for us: the CX6!

CX6: a compact, double-tower Cryorig cooler with six heatpipes!

Cryorig CX6For the occasion, the heatsink in question unveils its double-tower design. The latter houses two 120 mm fans, the first of which features aRGB diodes. Whether or not the second is also luminous remains to be seen.

Otherwise, the finish seems meticulous, with a top cover. The latter features a brushed aluminum finish with a “CR” logo on the lower right. Likewise, aRGB lighting is also present.

Now, we don’t know the detailed specifications of this ventirad. The brand’s website doesn’t reference it, so we don’t know either the dimensions or the fan characteristics. On the other hand, the photo shared by the brand indicates that the radiator does indeed feature six copper heat pipes. We imagine that they are located on a nickel-plated copper base.

As for compatibility, we imagine that the brand will retain AM4/AM5 and LGA-1700/1000 and possibly 2000 sockets . Nor does it appear to have retained the R5’s innovative clip-based system.