Core i9 13900K pushed to 9 GHz with an Asus Z790 Apex


New frequency record to be broken with the Core i9 13900K. Indeed, with Asus hardware, the overclocker Elmor was able to push his CPU to a crazy frequency of 9008.82 MHz!

Elmor pushes the i9 13900K to 9 GHz!

Core i9 13900K 9008,82 MHz

It is equipped with Asus hardware that the clocker was able to push its processor to the limit. Indeed, during the exercise, Elmor used a Maximus Z790 Apex, a card designed for OC.

To achieve such a high frequency, the E-cores were disabled. Meanwhile, only one of the P-cores reached 9008.82 MHz. To realize this, you have to contrast this frequency with the 5.8 GHz that can be reached with maximum boost by default.

Of course, in order to go that high, we needed a suitable cooling. So, to maintain the CPU at -250°C, what better than liquid helium, even colder than liquid nitrogen.

Asus Maximus Z790 Apex

This also allows Asus to add a new record (in addition to the 13 others) to the list of achievements of its Z790 Apex. As a reminder, SafeDisk used to set records on PiFast and SuperPI 32M in particular. The times achieved were then 6.85 secs and 3 mins 3 sec 778 ms respectively.

Meanwhile, big GG to Elmor for his performance. Soon the 10 GHz ?

This isElmor ‘s performance!