[Computex 2023] Corsair launches its iCUE Link concept!


At Computex, Corsair presents its new iCUE Link concept. Simply put, it’s a system for connecting compatible devices in series. What sets it apart, however, is its multi-device capability! No more hubs and cables in all directions!

iCUE Link: multi-device serial control!

Corsair iCUE LinkSo far, you might think that this is just a serial connection system for one device, but it’s not. Unlike other brands, where serial connection is only allowed for one type of equipment, this is multi-device. In fact, you can connect several fans to form a cluster and connect it to your AIO, which you can then connect to another fan, and so on.

To achieve this, each certified device has its own controller to be recognized on the cluster. The information is then transmitted to the system via the System Hub , which is supported by iCUE. The advantage is clear: reduce the number of cables within the PC to a minimum, and dispense with the various controllers and hubs that have been available until now… In addition to simplifying installation.

The launch will begin in June 2023, and will include a series of watercooling and fan kits, as well as the System Hub. Subsequently, the series will be completed by the addition of Hydro X Series components for custom watercooling.