Corsair optimizes its iCUE software suite to make it lighter


Corsair continues to work on its iCUE software suite. It has been further optimized, making it much lighter. What’s more, the suite now fully supports Elgato’s Stream Deck!

iCUE gets lighter!

Corsair iCUE nouvelle version

In a press release, Corsair announces that it has worked on its software. This makes it lighter, freeing up MB on your SSD. To achieve this, the company now offers a module-based installation. The setup now detects your compatible hardware and installs only modules dedicated to it.

According to the company, this enables it to drastically reduce the size of the setup and installer. Subsequently, you can install additional modules, notably for RGB management from third-party brands such as Asus or MSI, but also NVIDIA Broadcast, etc.

You can also manage iCUE controls from your Stream Deck. Likewise, via the Stream Deck, you can manage a number of parameters on the fly, such as RGB lighting, display system temperatures, mute your microphone and control NVIDIA Broadcast at the touch of a button.

To download the new version of the software, of course, you’ll need to visit the Corsair website, via the link below:

Download now!