Blackwell: limited availability due to AI fever!


As you may have noticed, AI is clearly on a roll these days. Artificial intelligence can be found everywhere, and it has to be said that it is capable of performing many different tasks… Be it translation, video editing, dubbing, etc. However, all this hype is generating a huge demand for components, and NVIDIA is already announcing that stocks of Blackwell will be limited!

Blackwell: limited stocks!

NVIDIA RTX 50 - BlackwellFor industry professionals, the cards they’ll be looking out for are the Blackwell RTX 50s, the equivalent range to the Ada RTX 60s. These cards benefit from double the memory capacity and certified drivers for professional applications, unlike the GeForce RTXs. On the corporate side, NVIDIA B100s will be the ones to keep a close eye on.

However, NVIDIA is currently facing very strong demand for its current generations of boards. Its models are literally selling like hotcakes, so much so that recent financial results have exceeded analysts’ expectations. The greens are currently trading at $800 a share! Clearly, there won’t be enough for everyone.

Perhaps this will enable AMD or Intel to sell cards, taking advantage of the greens’ interminable shipping times. As we saw recently, Lamini was talking about 52-week waits for H100s. What’s more, the announcement by Colette Kress, CFO of the Chameleon, is not very reassuring, indicating that B100s will be severely delayed, with inflated prices due to demand.

As for the gaming part, on the face of it, things should go well… It remains to be seen whether NVIDIA will sacrifice this sector in order to allocate more lines to the pro sector.