H100 shortage Lamini mocks AMD!


NVIDIA’s H100 and A100 GPUs are a big hit in the field of artificial intelligence. The brand has been shipping truckloads of cards, but the tide is starting to turn and we’re learning that the cards are victims of their own success. In fact, a shortage is looming on the horizon, and delivery times are exploding – we’re talking a year’s wait! For this reason, the CEO of Lamini, a startup specializing in AI and LLM models, mocks NVIDIA’s presentation in a video.

Lamini mocks NVIDIA and its H100s in a video!

In her video, we discover Sharon Zhou, CEO and co-founder of Lamini, in a kitchen. She opens the oven to see what’s cooking, but unfortunately it won’t be ready for another 52 weeks. Then she heads out onto the terrace to get a RADEON Instinct off the barbecue. In short, the whole scene is a mockery of Jensen Huang’s kitchen presentation of the A100. What’s more, the 52-week lead time mentioned in the video refers to the year you’ll have to wait to get your hands on one of the green cards.

It’s easy to understand the video’s purpose: to promote the immediate availability of AMD’s cards. What’s more, the company has been working with AMD hardware (in addition to being a partner) for some time now. You should also know that Lamini offers customized LLM models for the corporate world. It can be reassuring for their customers to know that, should the need arise, the startup can quickly adapt its hardware without interminable waiting times.

RADEON Instinct Mi250 vs NVIDIA H100

As for AMD’s hardware, the Mi250 features 128 GB of HBM2e memory. Computing performance is rated at 362 TFLOP in FP16, versus 383 TFLOP for the Mi250x. By way of comparison, NVIDIA’s H100 boasts a maximum of 94 GB depending on version. Performance is 312 TFLOP in FP16, with peaks of 624 TFLOP depending on the scenario. On paper, then, AMD’s cards are quite capable, although NVIDIA’s offer remains more powerful. As for price, the Mi250 comes in at around €13,000, compared with over €30,000 for NVIDIA’s H100. Quite a price/TFLOP ratio for AMD.

It remains to be seen how the market will react, but it’s not unlikely that AMD will sell the card soon. AI is a fast-growing sector, and it’s unlikely that companies will wait a year for the H100 to come to them. As the saying goes, for want of blackbirds, eat thrushes!