XFX: an RX 7800 XT and an all-white 6750 GRE?


XFX is preparing new all-white graphics cards. In fact, the brand is preparing the RX 7800 XT Qick 319 and RX 6750 GRE Snow Wolf. Some of these cards are already on the market!

XFX: two white cards!

XFX RX 7800 XT Qick319The first board, the 7800 XT Qick 319 is, after all, just a white conversion of the black version. This model benefits from an all-white heatsink, as does its backplate. However, according to the visuals, the PCB remains totally black.

For the time being, this is a board with a three-fan heatsink. This model will therefore be imposing, with a length of 33.5 cm. Otherwise, no frequency is specified, but we can expect the card to operate at the same frequencies as the original board: 2430 MHz.

The price shouldn’t change too much compared to the black version. TechpowerUp has spotted the card on sale in the Philippines for 30,900 Philippine pesos, or around €511.

XFX RX 6750 GRE Snow WolfIn China, we’ve learned that the brand will be offering a white version of the RX 6750 GRE 10GB. As a reminder, this is a commemorative card intended exclusively for the Chinese market. As you can see, this model is also much wiser, with just two fans.