Watch out for your RTX 3080 Ti on the Diablo IV Beta!


The open beta for Diablo IV is now finished. However, it seems that a number of RTX 3080 Ti users have encountered problems with the game – issues ranging from black screens to system reboots.

Diablo IV Beta, hell for an RTX 3080 Ti!

RTX 3080 Ti Gaming OC Diablo IV

On the Blizzard and Reddit forums, there are a number of negative comments on the hardware side. Some users have experienced problems with their graphics cards, mostly RTX 3080 Ti’s. According to Guru3D the cards are mostly from Gigabyte, although other brands are also affected.

Most users were experiencing problems during the first cut screens. For others, it was at other points in the beta.

Now that the beta is over, it is hoped that the problem will not occur again when the game is officially launched. Nevertheless, to alleviate this concern, it was a good idea to limit the max FPS in-game to reduce GPU usage to make it less stressful on the map. Hopefully Diablo IV won’t do a ” New World “by killing graphics cards by the bucketload. To be continued…