70,000 for NVIDIA’s future GB200!


According to analysts at HSBC, NVIDIA is going to continue to gorge itself on the sale price of its products. This time, we’re talking about the price of future GB200 GPUs , products designed for servers and other supercomputers. Compared with the current generation, the top-of-the-range chip is x2 in price!

GB200: a price tag of up to $70,000!

NVIDIA GB200At present, an H100 from the Chameleon is priced between $30,000 and $40,000, depending on volume purchased, discounts granted, etc., etc. And that’s the estimated price for the future GB100 from the Greens, a chip described by our colleagues as “entry-level”. No, if you want performance, you’ll have to turn to the GB200, and there the bill explodes. In fact, it’s x2, with an estimated retail price of $70,000!

What’s more, with this product, you get a set of two B200 chips coupled with a Grace ARM CPU. Here, performance is delirious, with the company announcing 5 PetaFLOP in TF32, i.e. five times more than an H100, which looks like a “little weenie” by comparison.

As for the sales model, some believe that NVIDIA could sell this product directly integrated into servers rather than individually. Estimates for a complete machine with 72 GB200 installed are $3 million.

Of course, NVIDIA is clearly taking advantage of its dominant position in the artificial intelligence hardware sector. If AMD or Intel manage to offer consistent products at more affordable prices… this could put NVIDIA in a tricky position, especially as the company may suffer from a backlog of orders with long lead times. In the meantime, we expect good financial results in the future!