Towards a new Z790 APEX?


The whole story starts with a video in which the General Manager of ASUS China takes the floor in a fairly wide-ranging Q&A session that finally arrives on the subject of the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard. He clearly states that the current ROG Z790 APEX has been discontinued . But in the same breath, he confirms the existence of a second generation of this motherboard. “(We) look forward to the second-generation APEX with a new Z790! “.

The Z790 APEX already doomed with the arrival of a V2?

The problem is that the current ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard was launched in November last year. This board is aimed at a target group of demanding users who will wince when they hear this news. This product is exploited by a public of enthusiasts who don’t hesitate to pay the price to tease out records. In particular, the Z790 Apex enabled the Asus team to set a new record on December 21, 2022 with an i9-13900K processor. On this motherboard, the processor’s frequency reached 9,008.82 MHz. Of course, if in our test we praised the remarkable design of this board, it was largely due to the Asus team’s significant involvement in the evolution of the bios and the regular patches made. A constant effort, but one that came at a high price for this card, which at the end of last year had a higher price tag than the previous, almost identical Z690 version

La carte mère ROG Maximus Z790 APEX

So, what might the future Z790 APEX V2 look like, and should current users expect the end of bios support for this board? Will this motherboard simply be modified (VRM?) to make the most of Raptor Lake Refresh?