SiPearl Rhea 1: French processor delayed, but improved


In France too, we’re working on CPUs, as demonstrated by SiPearl’s Rhea. We’re talking about a model for supercomputers, all based on ARM architecture. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the latter has been postponed for a year, but in return, it will arrive with more cores!

Rhea 1: SiPearl’s French CPU won’t arrive until 2025 after all!

SiPearl Rhrea 1

With this model, the French firm aims to offer a supercomputer processor for the European market. To achieve this, we’ll have a chip with a large number of cores, initially 72, but this number has been revised upwards to 80 for launch.

However, this is a processor with ARM cores using Neoverse V1 architecture. We have also learned that this delay will enable engineers to better master the architecture, carry out more extensive tests and optimize the software.

More concretely, this model will be engraved by TSMC using a 6 nm N6 process. Internally, we’ll find our 80 ARM cores and a 256-bit DDR5 memory controller. It will also benefit from four HBM2E memory stacks, whose final capacity is as yet unknown. Originally, 96 GB was mentioned. Finally, it will manage 104 PCIe 5.0 lines, up to six x16 and two x4.

Its aim is to “give high-performance microprocessor technology back to Europe”, so it remains to be seen what Europeans will do with it, of course… What’s more, it will be there to perform tasks related to artificial intelligence, and the 96 GB of HBM memory don’t deceive.