Towards a Furmark 2 launch this month?


Furmark, the famous graphics card stress software, is due to be released in a new version in the near future. Indeed, Geeks3D, its developer, is currently working on Furmark 2, which is receiving a new update. For the moment, the version is only distributed via the dev’s Discord!

Furmark 2 to be launched this month!

So far, if you want to push your graphics card to the limit, it’s a safe bet (or maybe not) that you’re using Furmark. It has to be said that the software is really stressful while your graphics card is being exploited to 100%!

Furmark 2

A version 2 of the software is in the pipeline. Like version 1, it will give you a choice of rendering resolution and graphic parameters. Three test presets with resolutions in 1080p, 1440p and 2160p will also be available. On the APU side, tests can be carried out via OpenGL, as in the current version, or via Vulkan.

Finally, there’s a little benchmarking to be done, with a public database where users can submit their scores. On the other hand, we’ve learned that the scores obtained vary enormously for different graphics cards… so it’s difficult to take them into account during benchmarking sessions.

As we said, the software has received a small update before the big jump. The change note shows :

  • Correction of the RX 6850 XT name (the XT was missing).
  • Added support for RADEON Pro W7900, Pro W7800, Pro W7600 and Pro W7500.
  • Added support for RX 7900 GRE
  • Added support for RTX 4060 Ti 16 Go
  • Added support for Intel Arc A570M, Arc A530M, Arc Pro A60M and A30M
  • Update with GPU Shark2 2.0.12 (Windows).
  • Update with GeeXLab 0.53.0 libraries.
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Note that Furmark 2 integrates the GPU-Shark and GPU-Z tools to read the card’s various sensors and report on its behavior.

To access this version, please visit the Geeks3D Discord at this address.