Review: NZXT N7 B650E


Last week we tested the N7 Z790 from NZXT and today we are going to test the AMD version, the N7 B650E. This model is available for sale on the brand’s website for $319.99 or 379.99 euros.
Aesthetically we remain of course in the spirit of the brand NZXT but we welcome the AM5 socket specific to the new chipsets of AMD and the support of DDR5. We’ll be testing this motherboard with a Ryzen 5 7600, a processor from the non-X line we just reviewed. We should have a very interesting combo by associating these two components even if as you will see, a Ryzen 9 7950X processor would not have scared it!

Thanks to NZXT for making these two N7 motherboards samples available! Tell us in the comments if you would like to see us design a full NZXT PC around this motherboard?