Review: Ryzen R9 7900, R7 7700 and R5 7600


After having tested the new generation of Ryzen 7000X processors last September, today we will review no less than three new non-X Ryzen 7000 processors with the Ryzen R9 7900, the R7 7700 and the R5 7600. These three processors differ from the CPUs already tested in September by lower frequencies and a lower TDP. We will of course come back to these differences in detail in our article. Of course, and this is quite logical, these non-X processors will be offered at a more attractive price!

You should also know that these processors will have an aircooling solution in bundle. We will find a Wraith Prism LED fan for the R9 7900 and R7 7700 and a Wraith Stealth fan for the R6 7600.

La gamme des Ryzen 7000 non-X

Thanks to AMDfor the availability of these Ryzen R9 7900, R7 7700 and R5 7600.