Sugo 17: the Silverstone specs are online!


Silverstone’s Sugo 17 case is back in the news, as the brand has just put its technical data online. As a reminder, this is a case designed to accommodate large configurations in a rather compact format. It was initially presented at this year’s Computex.

Sugo 17: Silverstone’s datasheet online!

Silverstone Sugo 17With this model 17, Silverstone breaks with the “tradition” of ITX cases. This model is designed to accommodate motherboards up to micro-ATX format. At the same time, with its dimensions of 202 (W) x 451 (D) x 286 (H) mm. These dimensions also mean that the choice of CPU cooling unit is not too limited. The latter, if desired, can reach a height of 158 mm, the size of a DeepCool AK620 Digital!

The graphics card is mounted in a rather unusual way, resting horizontally, fan up, in the case’s upper compartment. A PCIe riser is provided for mounting. This compartment offers considerable space, with a length of 400 mm, a width of 174 mm and a height of four slots. You’ll even have the option of mounting up to three 120 mm fans at the top to help with cooling. Meanwhile, there are four 80 mm slots on the side!

Silverstone Sugo 17Speaking of ventilation, in addition to the above-mentioned slots, there are also three 120 mm slots on the right. All this is complemented by a 120 mm slot at the rear!

Last but not least, the storage section features three 2.5″ or 2×2.5″ and 1×3.5″ slots. As for the power supply, an ATX block measuring up to 220 mm in length can be fitted with an ITX motherboard!

For the price, we’ll have to wait a little longer. However, if the datasheet is online, we can assume that the launch should take place soon.

Here’s the Silverstone datasheet!