Silverstone unveils its XE360-SP5, an AIO for AMD HEDT sockets


Clearly, one only has to look at the dimensions of Threadripper/pro and Epyc CPUs to realize the particular needs of these models. Silverstone has come up with the XE360-SP5 to meet their considerable cooling needs. This 360 mm watercooling kit is perfectly suited to these processors!

XE360-SP5: a Silverstone watercooling kit for the SP5 socket !

Silverstone XE360-SP5The first thing you’ll notice about this kit is the very special shape of the cold plate. It’s very wide, but also very “rough”. One assumes that Silverstone prioritizes efficiency over design. It’s also for these reasons that the base has been made particularly wide – in fact, it corresponds to the IHS dimensions of a particularly large SP5 processor!

Otherwise, this block doesn’t contain the pump – no, the latter migrates into the radiator. Incidentally, it operates at a rather high speed, capable of reaching 4,000 rpm. Nevertheless, we’re still curious about the flow rate and water column of this type of cooling system.

Silverstone XE360-SP5
The base is made of nickel-plated copper

Cooling is provided by a fairly basic aluminum radiator. It’s also 28 mm thick and, in itself, not very different from any other 360 mm watercooling kit.

However, the ventilation is distinguished by the presence of high-speed fans, capable of reaching 2800 rpm. At full speed, airflow reaches 87.72 CFM, while static pressure rises to 3.09 mmH2O. Power is supplied by a PWM signal.

Compatibility is of course assured for AMD’s SP5 socket, and only AMD’s SP5 socket. What’s more, mounting the waterblock shouldn’t be a problem, since the fastening system is already present. Simply place the block on the processor and screw it onto the socket!

Once again, we have no idea of the selling price.

Here’s the Silverstone product sheet!