SILVERSTONE Hydrogon D140 ARGB: new CPU cooler!

SILVERSTONE has launched a new tower-format CPU fan, the SILVERSTONE Hydrogon D140 ARGB. It features a 140 mm center, as well as a 120 mm. Its design is simple, with nickel-plated fins. The top is in black plastic. This is intended to hide the heat pipe ends rather than to give style.

Silverstone hydrogon d140 argb

Heat dissipation and compatibility

Double-tower design, with six 4 mm diameter copper heat pipes. Two fans ensure optimum cooling. Compatibility with memory modules is therefore fully assured.

Fan and cooling

It features two fans of different sizes. A 120 mm fan at the front, with superior air flow and pressure. A larger 140 mm fan positioned between the heat sinks. This arrangement ensures balanced airflow across the heatsink. Overall performance is thus enhanced.

silverstone hydrogon d140 argb

RGB and lighting effects

Both fans are equipped with customizable ARGB LEDs. This allows universal compatibility and seamless control with lighting software or ARGB controllers.

silverstone hydrogon d140 argb

SILVERSTONE Hydrogon D140 ARGB compatible with the following sockets:

  • Intel: LGA1700, 1200, 115X, 2011, and 2066
  • AMD: AM4 and AM5

To see the datasheet: click here. For more information: click here. No date or price yet.