Review: Thermal Grizzly WireView 12VHPWR Normal


To find out how much power your graphics card consumes, there are currently several tools available, the first of which was released by NVIDIA with its PCAT. We tried several times to get our hands on it, but the samples were very limited. Since then, Elmor has proposed a tool with its PMD PCI-E Slot Power associated with the PMD to read the power consumption of your GPU. But today, we received a copy of the WireView 12VHPWR Normal from Thermal Grizzly, which sells for 49.90 euros at Caseking and elsewhere. This little module fits directly onto your graphics card’s power connector(s), enabling us to read the GPU’s power consumption directly on its screen, as well as recording it. The idea is to be able to compare different graphics cards.

Thanks to Thermal Grizzly for making this WireView 12VHPWR Normal available.