[LABO] The Benchlab from ElmorLabs


At the beginning of January, we informed you of the arrival of the Benchlab at ElmorLabs. It was available for pre-order, with shipment scheduled for January 15. We were quick to order our copy, which arrived at the editorial office yesterday. As a reminder, this Benchlab is the result of a collaboration with OBT to join forces with their Open Benchtable V2. The principle behind this product is to offer you a means of monitoring your configuration at several levels.

This is a real-time telemetry solution that will enable you to monitor temperatures, the power consumption of some of your components and the various voltages. You can also manage fan speed. As you can see, the bundle contains all the cables and connectors needed to link your power supply, the Benchlab and your motherboard.

The Benchlab’s accompanying software will enable you to monitor and manage your various components. This system will be installed on our GPU test configuration, enabling us to accurately measure the power consumption of our graphics cards.

Priced at $199, it’s currently out of stock, but a new batch should arrive very soon. A few days ago, we also received a copy of G.SKill’s Wigidash, also manufactured in collaboration with ElmorLabs. If you’d like to find out more about these products, we recommend you join the ElmorLabs discord.