Review – Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air



It’s time for our conclusion on the Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air. So, what did we think?

At last, a wireless keyboard from Roccat!

Let’s face it, Roccat’s lack of wireless keyboards has been a real problem until now. Well, that’s no longer a problem! This Vulcan II Mini Air is wireless , and on top of that, it offers impressive battery life (90 hours minimum, 750 maximum). And despite everything, we didn’t detect any loss of connection. This reference is equipped with sensor technology that automatically detects whether you are in front of the keyboard or not. As a result, the brightness adapts to your presence, saving you unnecessary battery drain. It’s a really good idea, especially when you consider the RGB colors that are very present on this keyboard.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air

Nevertheless, we’re still in familiar territory here, since this Vulcan II Mini Air is a replica of the Vulcan II Mini. It’s still very attractive, aesthetically pleasing and well made. Roccat always equips its Vulcans with premium materials, such as aluminum, and good finishes, and it’s always a success! Beware of the raised feet, which are a little limited for my taste, as the keyboard seemed a little low in use. We also regret that the bundle isn’t rich enough. The days of stickers, extra keys and key-pullers in the box are long gone. And despite the quality of the RGB , it’s a shame that the brand’s software is so outdated. After all, it has changed very little since the very first Vulcans.

This Vulcan II Mini Air features Roccat’s in-house switches. They are highly responsive and pleasant to read. Nevertheless, there are always a few typos at first, as you get used to their responsiveness. Here, unlike the Vulcan II Max, we’re treated to a detachable USB cable that’s slim, sheathed and discreet. As a reminder, that of the Vulcan II Max was thick, rigid and, above all, required two USB ports without the addition of a USB offset.

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How much does the Vulcan II Mini Air cost?

Roccat’s new keyboard is available at a recommended retail price of €179.99. That’s 30 euros more than the Vulcan II Mini, which we already found expensive when it came out. It’s starting to sting for a 65% keyboard, even if it is wireless. After all, Corsair is a major competitor here, as the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is available for less, while offering PBT keycaps of its own.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air

We liked:

  • Its meticulous, aesthetically pleasing design
  • The RGB color scheme
  • This keyboard’s impeccable finish
  • Noble materials (aluminum cover plate)
  • The number of multimedia shortcuts
  • Thin, discreet cable sheath, unlike that of the Vulcan II Max
  • Quiet, pleasant-to-use Titan II switches
  • Finally, a wireless keyboard from Roccat!
  • No loss of connection between PC and keyboard
  • Impressive battery life: 90 hours minimum, 750 maximum
  • Proximity sensors detect your presence and adjust keyboard brightness

We didn’t like :

  • The bundle is not rich enough (no extra keys, key-puller…)
  • Raised legs that don’t raise the keyboard enough
  • The software is a little dated
  • The ever-increasing price!

Roccat offers an aesthetically pleasing keyboard with a meticulous design and impeccable finish. On top of that, the RGB is really bright. Despite all this, the brand continues to equip its keyboards with premium materials (aluminum) and offers high-performance, pleasant house switches. What’s more, we finally find a wireless keyboard from Roccat with consistent battery life. Despite all this, there are still a few shortcomings: a non-existent bundle , aging software and, above all, a price that stings! For us, it’s will be awarded the Silver badge.

Thanks to Roccat!