Review : Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless


The 60% format keyboards are really popular these days. After a successful K65 RGB Mini, Corsair tries again with a new reference. This time, we go upmarket with the K70 Pro Mini Wireless. A model that now goes wireless with a construction that makes room for materials more noble than plastic.


Technical Specifications:

The main advantage of the 60% keyboards is the space saving offered by these models. Indeed, with dimensions of 293 (W) x 109 (D) x 40 (H), we can’t say that this K70 Pro Mini Wireless is really bulky. Moreover, compared to a 104-key keyboard, this space saving is made possible by the removal of a large number of keys. We lose the numeric keypad, the navigation keys and the function keys. However, all this is accessible via shortcuts.

In terms of switches, Corsair always turns to the offer from the German Cherry. By default, the American company offers its mini keyboard with MX Red or MX Silver Speed switches. In both cases, we find a linear typing sensation more or less sensitive thanks to a shorter accent point on the MX Silver Speed. Nevertheless, if these do not suit you, you should know that the switches are hot swappable. They can be changed as long as you have the right pinout.

Regarding the materials, as we said, the K70 Pro Mini Wireless relies on a little more than plastic. Thus, Corsair offers us a model with a nice aluminum top plate sandblasted and anodized in black. The base on the other hand remains in plastic. Let’s not forget to mention the keycaps in PBT double injection. A model that promises to be very qualitative.

Internally, this model features a rather large memory of 8 MB. Depending on the weight of the profiles, Corsair indicates that we can store up to 50. Similarly, we find a battery type Li-Po offering a life of up to 32 hours with active backlight, 200 hours without. Finally, this model takes advantage of the N-Key Rollover and the integral anti-ghosting and via the AXON technology, the polling rate goes up to 8000 Hz.

Recommended System:

We quickly finish with the recommended system to fully enjoy this K70 Pro Mini Wireless. Thus, a Windows 10 and 11 system will be recommended for the installation of iCUE, the software of the brand. Otherwise, the keyboard is compatible with PC, MAC, console, Android and iOS via the Bluetooth connection.