Review – Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air



The box:

This little Vulcan II Mini Air arrives in a small, colorful black box. On the front, we’re treated to a pretty representation of our keyboard du jour. It’s illuminated by RGB LEDs. At the same time, we learn that this reference is wireless and 65% form factor. The brand also highlights its red linear switches . Let’s move on to the rear, where we once again have a representation of the keyboard and some additional information on Roccat’s switches. In addition, Roccat indicates that two wireless modes are available with the Vulcan II Mini Air. It is possible to use the 2.4 GHz dongle and/or the Bluetooth connection. What’s more, the lighting automatically adjusts to optimize the keyboard’s battery life.

On opening the box, the keyboard is well protected by cardboard protectors and plastic bags. In any case, this has served its purpose well, as the keyboard arrived in excellent condition.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air

The bundle:

Don’t expect any accessories with Roccat. All we’ll find here is a charging cable and a quick-start guide. We’re a long way from the days when we could find stickers and storage cases for our peripherals!

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air

The Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air:

The Vulcan II Mini Air is clearly pretty out of the box. It’s simple and elegant. Here, we received a black model, unlike the Vulcan II, which was pristine white. Here too, this Vulcan II Mini Air features an aluminum faceplate that gives it a certain entry-level quality.

What’s more, Roccat’s new keyboard has slim, non-raised keys. This allows the transparent underside of the key to be seen. So, when illuminated, the RGB is much more visible and luminous.

For recharging, this model is equipped with a long, detachable 1.8 m sheathed cable. Unlike Roccat’s Vulcan II Max, you don’t need two USB ports to make full use of it. Phew!

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air

How does it look from the back?

On the back, the rear is somewhat worked, with a few lines. It’s a welcome change from smooth plastic. Otherwise, there are a few rubber pads to help hold this reference in place. We’re also treated to two elevating feet, not forgetting the label in the center with serial numbers and recycling information.

Roccat Vulcan II Mini Air