EKWB: CEO officially responds to rumors and accusations


A few hours ago, we published here our impressions and analysis of the situation at EK, portrayed as payment problems that various media partners were experiencing. We’re always uncomfortable with this kind of debunking and wanted to get EKWB’s official reaction.

EKWB: the CEO’s official communication

This has now been done, as the company’s CEO and founder, Edvard König, spoke out a few minutes ago in a video covering all these issues:

Honestly, the communication itself is very tight-lipped, and doesn’t go into the details of the accusations made by Gamers Nexus. So it’s hard to get an idea of the reality of the situation at EK. On the other hand, the executive’s willingness to face up to the situation, to come out and say that he has heard and knows what’s going on, is a clear sign of a desire to regain the upper hand.

EKWB communication summary

As fans of the PC and its ecosystem, we can only wish EKWB a speedy economic recovery. The rest, in all its complexity, will no doubt be settled in the courts, or by amicable agreements of which we have no knowledge.

In detail, EK’s CEO explains that he took over in February 2024 to rectify the situation. He acknowledges late payments to subcontractors and apologizes for inadequate communications. Measures have been taken, including correcting US tax returns and improving internal communication. The company is committed to resolving issues of undue delays and encourages any claims to be addressed for regularization.

EK’s CEO makes it clear that the company is committed to honoring its financial obligations and restoring trust. EK is committed to rectifying the situation and promoting a responsible corporate culture.