Review: Roccat Vulcan II



The box:

Our keyboard of the day arrives in an overall colorful box. On the front, we find a representation of the keyboard illuminated by its RGB LEDs. There’s also some information about the keyboard’s linear switches by Roccat (Titan II).

Let’s move on to the back, where we learn more about the brand’s switches. In particular, it highlights the characteristics of its red and brown switches . In addition, we find out more about the Vulcan II’s easy-shift, multimedia shortcuts and RGB lighting.

On opening the box, the keyboard is well protected by cardboard protectors and plastic bags. In any case, this has served its purpose well, as the sample arrived in excellent condition.

Roccat Vulcan II

The bundle:

In the box, in addition to the keyboard and its wrist rest, we’ll find only a small set of instructions. A little key-puller might have been nice in the box, or a few extra keys, for example.

Roccat Vulcan II

The Roccat Vulcan II:

Right out of the box, Roccat’s new keyboard makes an impression. Indeed, its elegance and immaculate white color are immediately noticeable. On top of that, it looks clearly solid thanks to its aluminum faceplate. This is a 100% keyboard, a far cry from the K65 Pro Mini, ROG Falchion Ace or Vulcan II Mini previously tested. We’re therefore entitled to all the function keys, multimedia keys and numeric keypad. There’s also a small, aesthetically pleasing thumbwheel for managing the PC’s sound.

This reference is equipped with a long, 1.8 m, non-detachable, sheathed cable. Unlike Roccat’s Vulcan II Max, you don’t need two USB ports to make full use of it. Phew!

Roccat Vulcan II

This Vulcan II also has a wrist rest. Here, it’s not soft like MSI’s, but made of hard plastic. It is, however, much stiffer than the one offered with the Vulcan II Max.

Roccat Vulcan II

What does the back look like?

On the back, the rear is somewhat worked, with a few lines. It’s a welcome change from smooth plastic. Otherwise, there are a few rubber pads to help hold this reference in place. We’re also treated to two elevating feet, not forgetting the label in the center with serial numbers and recycling information.

Roccat Vulcan II