Review: Corsair K65 Pro Mini


Corsair’s latest release today is the all-new K65 Pro Mini gaming keyboard. This is a 65% format keyboard. In other words, it includes the navigation arrows but loses its numeric keypad. Corsair also offers PBT keys and optical switches.

So, what’s this K65 Pro Mini worth? Answer in our test!

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Technical specifications :

Unlike the K65 RGB Mini version, this K65 Pro Mini (yes, sorry, it’s really not easy to tell the difference) is a 65% format model. In fact, the previous model was a 60% keyboard, i.e. without the navigation arrows. Otherwise, we’re only going to keep the minimum on this keyboard. Gone are the function keys and the numeric keypad. Once again, Corsair offers us a keyboard with double-injected PBT keys. A welcome change from conventional ABS keys, which quickly become “shiny” and smooth with use.

As we said, this is a small keyboard measuring 315 x 105 x 37 mm and weighing just 0.58 kg. Of course, the K65 Pro Mini comes with 8 MB of internal memory, so you can save up to 50 different profiles. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with Corsair OPX optical mechanical switches . These are linear, with an actuation distance of 1 mm and a force of 45 g.

The K65 Pro Mini also features the classic rollover and 100% Anti-Ghosting options. What’s more, as usual with Corsair references, we’re entitled to 8 Ghz polling rate.

Recommended system:

To use Corsair’s latest keyboard, you’ll need an Internet connection to download the iCUE software. In addition, you’ll need at least a USB 2.0 port to plug it in. As for the operating system, Corsair recommends Windows 10/11 or macOS version 10.15 .