Review: Roccat Vulcan II



It’s time for our conclusion on the Roccat Vulcan II. So, what did we think?

A keyboard as beautiful and elegant as ever!

In the end, and ever since the first Vulcans arrived, Roccat keyboards have remained as beautiful and elegant as ever. They’re a far cry from big gaming keyboards like the Roccat Horde AIMO or even the Isku FX. On top of that, we’re treated to premium materials like the aluminum faceplate, not to mention the impeccable finish of this Vulcan II. It’s a shame, however, that the wrist rest isn’t a little softer, like on MSI’s Vigor GK71 Sonic. Here, it’s really thin and hard, in plastic only.

Roccat also does a great job with the RGB LEDs on its Vulcan II. Thanks to the aluminum plate that acts as a “reflector”, you can really enjoy the keyboard’s lighting effects. However, beware of sensitive eyes. LEDs are powerful when pushed to the limit, especially when accompanied by rainbow effects, for example. The brand’s software offers a wide range of possibilities, colors and effects. On the other hand, there’s no denying that Roccat Swarm is rather dated. Indeed, the software has hardly evolved for several years.

Roccat Vulcan II

On the other hand, the cable is slim and unobtrusive, unlike the one on the Vulcan II Max. However, it lacks a detachable cable for easy storage. What’s more, we find the bundle lacking in features. A small key-puller like MSI’s or additional keys like Corsair‘s would have been a plus!

With its Vulcan II, Roccat offers a keyboard with numerous possible shortcuts, as well as access to multimedia functions via the dedicated thumbwheel. In spite of everything, Roccat has equipped its new keyboards with its in-house switches (Titan II), which are very efficient and pleasant to use.

How much does the Vulcan II cost?

Roccat’s new Vulcan will be available from July 19 on the brand’s website or in stores. It is priced at €159.99. This is a price that doesn’t shock us in the least. Indeed, the first Vulcan 100 AIMO released in 2019 was priced at €150. So here we have a reference full of quality for a price that has changed very little in years. That’s great!

Roccat Vulcan II

We liked:

  • Its meticulous, aesthetically pleasing design
  • The RGB color scheme
  • The keyboard’s impeccable finish
  • Noble materials (aluminum cover plate)
  • The number of multimedia shortcuts
  • The little scroll wheel that always makes an impact!
  • Rubber feet to keep it firmly in place
  • The thin, discreet cable, unlike that of the Vulcan II Max
  • Titan II switches , quiet and pleasant to use

We didn’t like :

  • The absence of a detachable cable
  • The bundle is not complete enough (no additional keys, key-puller…)
  • Stiff wrist rest – a soft pad would have been appreciated!
  • Software a little outdated

médaille award OMF or gold

Once again, Roccat offers us an aesthetically pleasing keyboard of impeccable design and finish. What’s more, the RGB is really bright. In spite of everything, the brand still equips its keyboards with premium materials (aluminum) and offers high-performance, pleasant house switches. Even so, a few shortcomings remain: a detachable cable, a more complete bundle or a softer wrist rest would have been top-notch. So, for us, it’s gold!

Thanks to Roccat!