DeepCool offers a CH160 ITX case!


DeepCool’s CH160 is the latest case from the brand to offer an ITX-format reference with generous interior space. To tell you the truth, you can fit an Assassin IV in there without breaking a sweat, that’s how much room there is!

CH160: a tiny case with big capacities from DeepCool!

DeepCool CH160

With this case, DeepCool is offering us an ITX-format case that’s bound to be compact. This translates into dimensions of 200 (W) x 336 (D) x 283.5 (H) mm and a reduced weight of 3.3 kg.

DeepCool CH160

Internally, there’s just enough room for an ITX-format motherboard. However, you’ll be able to indulge yourself with the rest of the components. On the cooling side, this model offers 172 mm of height, so it’s easy for large double-tower heatsinks to fit. As for the graphics card, it features three horizontal slots. The maximum length of the graphics card is 305 mm. Finally, for the power supply, a 14 cm deep SFX or ATX block can be fitted. Note, however, that with an ATX power supply, the graphics card will have to be shorter: 230 mm.

As for cooling, the case will accept up to four 120 mm fans: one at the front, two at the top and one at the rear. Unfortunately, this is an aircooling-only case: no watercooling radiator support here.

Nevertheless, the case does feature a handle for easy transport of the configuration. The various panels that make up this model are removable, while the control panel features one USB-C and two USB-A.

For the price, expect to pay a total of around $60, which is very reasonable for this type of product. And there’s a choice of black or white!

Here’s the DeepCool product sheet!