Review : MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI


Test protocol

The test protocol has been revised to offer something more complete. We now have software for the autonomy measurements but also a thermal camera for the surface heating measurements.

New e-sport video games have been added to the test as well as some titles benefiting from Nvidia DLSS and/orRay tracing.

The protocol:

  1. Screen measurements
  2. Autonomy and heating
  3. Synthetic CPU test
    Cinebench R20
    Cinebench R23
    Geekbench 3
    Geekbench 5
    Aida 64
  4. Synthetic GPU Performance
    3DMark Timespy
    3DMark Timespy extreme
    3DMark Firestrike
    3DMark Firestrike Extreme
    3DMark Speedway
  5. Productivity Performance
    PCMark 10 Extended
    PCMark 10 Applications test
  6. Gaming Performance Resterisation (1080p medium & ultra / 1440p medium & ultra)
    Shadow of the tomb raider
    Anno 1800
    Cyberpunk 2077
    COD MW2
    War thunder
  7. Esport gaming performances
    Counter strike : Global offensive
    Raimbow 6 siege
  8. Gaming performance RTX & DLSS/FSR (1080p/1440p ultra)
    Shadow of the tomb raider
    Cyberpunk 2077
    War Thunder
    COD MW2 + consumption 1080p @ 144Hz

The tests were performed with the NVIDIA driver version 528.49.