Review : MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI




It goes without saying that this MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI is made for gaming use. Despite the unflattering RAM, we manage to achieve very good performance. But that’s not enough, because the use of DDR5 at more than 5600 Mt/s should not be reserved for desktop PCs. The gain granted by some setting could make the machine gain several tens of FPS and have a more consistent framerate. For a laptop that wants to be a replacement for a full desktop setup, the details should not stop at the components you put in it. Offering uncluttered software starting with the BIOS on par with its desktop counterparts should be a priority.

When it comes to content creation usage, this Titan GT77 HX manages to deliver a satisfactory experience for a laptop. However, there are CPU tuning restrictions via XTU or in the BIOS that do not allow to take advantage of the i9 13950HX. A CPU which, we recall, is an i9 13900K ported to a laptop socket. The last impacting point is the screen setting out of the box, without switching the graphics card to discrete mode only, it will not be possible to get its full potential. The use of 10-bit SDR is not possible on hybrid solutions based on IGP Intel. And even if you go directly to the graphics card, you’ll have to calibrate the screen with a probe and deal with the 800 nits that cannot be adjusted in this mode.

All in all, this MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI had everything to please on paper and at first hand. But the excellent keyboard, the superb screen and the performance worthy of a high-end desktop PC won’t make you forget the few shortcomings mentioned above. Nevertheless, this laptop is a real workstation that allows you to play the latest AAA titles occasionally.

As a reminder, the MSI Titan GT77 HX 13V is available for $5,799 or €6,999. 95 in its i9-13980HX, RTX 4090 and 128Gb RAM version.

The MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI

We liked:

  • The performance of the CPU
  • GPU performance
  • The efficient cooling for the GPU
  • The quality panel for photo/video use once calibrated
  • The well-made mechanical keyboard
  • The autonomy for its performance
  • The gain of the DLSS 3
  • The 60 FPS in ultra Ray Tracing on all 4K titles

We would have liked :

  • A BIOS like on a desktop PC
  • Less lock on the CPU
  • A RAM with the frequency and timings displayed in description
  • A good calibration of the factory screen
  • A lower price
  • An all-aluminum chassis

As a first experience with an Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card, this MSI Titan GT77 HX will finally convince me for the Ada Lovelace graphics card range. Alas, the latter’s shortcomings will have left me dubious about the usefulness of switching from a desktop setup to a laptop of this caliber. Although the on-board peripherals make it possible to get away from any keyboard or screen. The lack of attention to detail for a €7,000 machine does not put it in a good position against a more entry-level solution coupled with a powerful desktop PC. In particular the CPU lockup, the slow DDR5 memory it carries or the poorly calibrated screen out of the box.