Review : MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI



The MSI Titan GT77 HX 13V is a 17.3-inch laptop, featuring a 3820x2160p mini-LED IPS panel with a 144 Hz refresh rate. We find as processor a Raptor Lake i9-13950HX from Intel and a GPU RTX 4090 from Nvidia, accompanied by 64 GB of DDR5-4800 RAM, two 2 TB NVMe SSDs in Raid 0 and powered by a 99 Wh battery.

We start with the unpacking of the device, this laptop comes in a suitcase-like box, inside we have the laptop. Next to it, we have the charger of 330W.

The charger is a 330W power supply unit using a special connector that will have to be connected to the left of the laptop.


To begin with, the MSI Titan GT77 HX is colossal, its 3,3Kg on the scale are felt. Thanks to its weight, it holds perfectly in place and the screen can be opened with a single finger. The general design is plastic and aluminum, the exterior and the screen are made of plastic and the keyboard face is made of aluminum.

We start the tour with the keyboard, which is really remarkable for a laptop. This is the best keyboard I have ever used on a laptop. We have here keys using cherry mx low profile switches that we also find on our desktop keyboards. With the rigidity of the laptop, we have an excellent and quiet keyboard. We regret however the placement of the directional arrows to recover the little space available for the numeric keypad. I still don’t understand why manufacturers haven’t switched to TKL or 75% keyboard for their laptops.

We now move to the trackpad, the latter is extremely smooth and really pleasant to use. Its size is large enough to use the laptop without a mouse. To the right of the trackpad, we find a very responsive fingerprint reader. Concerning the surface around the keyboard and trackpad, it takes fingerprints very easily.

Let’s move on to the audio part. Here we have a large audio part on the top of the keyboard and at the back two woofers. The sound is quite good but without, the Nahimic software tries to correct it with a digital sound processing but it only makes things worse with the basic presets. So you’ll have to put your hands in to find the right setting.

Then we have the connectors, we are here on a very complete solution. We have 3 USB type-A 3.2 gen ports, 2 Thunderbolts 4 ports, one of which is charging, an RJ45 port, 1 SD card reader and finally the two HDMI 2.1 video outputs and mini-Displayport. So there is plenty here to connect our peripherals, screen and audio interfaces.

The camera is an HD (30 fps @ 720p) with infrared and offers nothing great, rather disappointing even. Do not expect to stream with it.

Small point on the RGB to finish with the back of the PC that illuminates very well coupled with the RGB keyboard key by key.

MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VI RGB