Scalability: cascading confirmations for future Ryzen 9000 models


Will current AM5 motherboards be able to accommodate AMD’s forthcoming Ryzen 9000 processors? While those who know the Reds’ roadmap will tell you wholeheartedly that they have no doubts, the subtleties of this industry mean that we must always be cautious. You’re never safe from limitations and the “yes, but” that comes along to dampen your ardor (and warm your banker’s heart).

Ryzen 9000 evolutivité
Scalability: will all Ryzen 9000s be compatible with current motherboards?

A few days ago, Asus and MSI released a BIOS update with version AGESA for their AM5 motherboards. Although the information given in the changelog of this BIOS update is deliberately nebulous (“support for future processors” ), it’s enough to understand that both brands will indeed support upcoming AMD Ryzen 9000 ” Zen 5 Granite Ridge ” processors on current AM5 motherboards. Asus has gone a step further, publishing the complete list of its AM5 motherboards (600 series) that support next-generation AMD Ryzen “Zen 5” processors. The list covers all 44 versions of AM5 motherboards available from the manufacturer. A “microsite” has even been launched to guide board owners.

Ryzen 9000 evolutivité bios
Through a microsite Asus guides users to update their bios

Ryzen 9000 scalability, the official Asus press release :

ASUS today announced BIOS updates enabling support for next-generation AMD Ryzen processors on ASUS AM5 X670, B650 and A620 motherboards, as well as support for existing Ryzen processors in the 7000 and 8000 series. These updates are necessary to enable compatibility with these processors. BIOS updates for ASUS AM5 motherboards also add support for existing Ryzen 7000 and 8000 series processors.

For those who still had doubts, AMD doesn’t seem to have any intention of deviating with its strategy of platform durability, and while there’s nothing to suggest the lifespan of the AM5 compared with the still ongoing record of the AM4, this strategy is clearly a real confidence-builder for reds today.