Review : Kingston Fury Impact sodimm DDR5 64GB 5600 MT/s CL40


Some time ago, we presented Kingston’s Fury Impact sodimm memory kit in 2×32 Gb at 5600 Mt/s CL40 version. Today, we can finally give you the test results obtained on the Dell Alienware M18 R1.

This kit is priced at $223 in its dual rank 2x32Gb version.

kingston fury impact 5600Mt/s CL40 2x32Gb

A brief note about the test

Initially, a test was planned on the MSI Titan GT77 HX VI we recently tested, which featured 4800Mt/s CL40 memory. Due to a memory problem on this laptop, we were unable to run the kit normally at 5600 Mt/s CL40. Like the 4800CL40 kit on this laptop, this Kingston kit only ran at 4000 Mt/s, but at CL30, as opposed to CL32 on the original kit.

Under these conditions, it was impossible for us to give a grade or provide a complete test.

Today, we can run this kit on another platform, this time in a 2-slot so-dimm DDR5 configuration. This is the Dell Alienware M18 R1 we tested earlier.

The memory tested here is 5600 Mt/s CL40, but, like MSI’s GT77 HX, the Alienware M18 R1 can’t run at this value. In this test, the memory runs at 5200 MT/s CL38 in dual rank, which is already a good gain over the basic 4800 Mt/s CL40 in single rank.

Many thanks to Kingston for providing the kit for this test.