Review : Kingston Fury Impact sodimm DDR5 64GB 5600 MT/s CL40


Synthetic GPU performance

Synthetic GPU performance

Now that we know the performance of the CPU part, we can move on to the GPU on some synthetic benchmarks. Here we have two configurations based on 13th-generation Intel core i9 HX and RTX 4090 mobile.

3DMark Timespy

Let’s start with 3DMark Time Spy, here the overall score doesn’t take off, but we do have a 1500-point gain on the CPU score. This kit would therefore be a very good basis for achieving top scores on 3DMark.

3DMark Firestrike

On 3DMark Firestrike, it was impossible to raise the combined score due to Windows optimization issues. This greatly penalizes the overall score, despite a very similar graphics score. On the other hand, we have a good gain of almost 1000 points on the CPU score compared with the 4800 Mt/s CL40 kit.