Review – Corsair K70 Max RGB


New releases from Corsair today, with the announcement of the brand-new K70 Max RGB gaming keyboard and HS80 Max Wireless headset. This time, it’s a keyboard in 100% format. Unlike the K65 Pro Mini, which we recently tested. The K70 Max RGB features Corsair’s in-house, fully customizable switches, just like the Steelseries Apex Pro.

So, what’s this K70 Max RGB worth? Answer in our full review!

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Technical specifications :

Corsair’s new K70 measures 442 x 166 x 40 mm without its wrist rest and weighs 1.17 kg. That’s heavier than the last Vulcan II we tested (1.14 kg). The K70 Max RGB features customizable in-house switches. This means that the stroke can be adjusted via the iCUE software from 0.4 mm to 3.6 mm.

Of course, it also features RGB LEDs that can be customized via iCUE once again. This model features double-injected PBT keys designed to better resist wear and tear (as opposed to the ABS found on most keyboards). Corsair’s keyboard comes with a 1.8 m cable. As usual with Corsair, we’re treated to an 8 GHz polling rate.

The K70 Max RGB has 8 MB of internal memory. This means it will be possible to set up to 50 different profiles.

Recommended system :

To use Corsair’s latest keyboard, an Internet connection will be required to download the iCUE software. In addition, you’ll need at least a USB 2.0 port to plug it in. As for the operating system, Corsair recommends Windows 10/11 or macOS version 10.15 .