Review – Corsair K70 Max RGB



It’s time for our conclusion on Corsair’s K70 Max RGB. So, what did we think?

Adjustable typing!

Like SteelSeries’s Apex Pro, Corsair’s K70 Max RGB relies on switches whose typing height can be adjusted. While this may seem incidental at first glance, it’s an interesting feature for gamers. If you wish, you can have a certain set of keys more sensitive than others, thus avoiding typing errors in the heat of the action. For example, you could set up a writing profile where you need to press your keys more to avoid spelling mistakes, and a second profile focused on video games. The possibilities are endless!

However, if you (or the people around you, very important) are sensitive to noise, this could prove complicated. The switches selected by Corsair are far from silent, and if you’ve got a heavy hand, the noise can quickly get on the nerves of your family or colleagues. In use, however, it’s a pleasure. And it doesn’t even sound like it: the noise is carefully controlled, so there’s no resonance box effect or unpleasant spring noise!

Excellent finish for the K70 Max RGB

Otherwise, Corsair offers a keyboard with an impeccable finish. Attention to detail is evident at every level, from the aluminum faceplate to the choice of PBT keys. What’s more, this model’s substantial weight means it won’t budge when placed on the desk.

Corsair K70 Max RGBFinally, if you use a 100
u 104-key format, the adjustment time will be in the sensitivity of the switches. If you’re using a small keyboard, you’ll have to get used to its size, which is far from anecdotal. What’s more, it has all the multimedia shortcuts, so there’s no need for any far-fetched combinations to pause your music, for example.

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How much does the K70 Max RGB cost?

Corsair’s K70 Max RGB will start at around $230. The price has been rising steadily over the last few years, despite the addition of a whole host of features, I agree! Nevertheless, I still say that going over 200 euros for a consumer keyboard is expensive, high-end or not! However, if you compare it to the price of Steelseries’ Apex Pro at the time, we’re talking about equivalent value for money… Or even better, thanks to PBT keys, whereas the Danish keyboard made do with ABS.

Corsair K70 Max RGB

We liked :

  • Its look, still in the K70 tradition
  • Top-notch RGB
  • Premium materials (aluminum, PBT)
  • Foam wrist rest!
  • ICUE software as functional as ever
  • Detachable cable
  • Double-injection PBT keys
  • Additional keys in bundle
  • Switches with customizable sensitivity via software
  • Careful attention to detail on the aluminum cover plate

We didn’t like :

  • That the extra space key is not in PBT
  • The noise, which, although well cared for, is still very present, and may be disturbing for some
  • The price, which continues to climb

As is often the case with Corsair, the brand offers us a very good mechanical keyboard reference. We find a qualitative aluminum construction, very well finished thanks to the care given to its aluminum layer plate or its double-injection PBT keys. What’s more, the K70 Max RGB features customizable switches thanks to iCUE, so everyone can make it their own according to their wishes and needs. But despite all this, the $230 price tag is a bit of a downer. For us, it’s the money!

Thank you Corsair!