Review – Corsair K70 Max RGB



The box:

The K70 Max RGB comes in a new box. Unlike the latest K65 Pro Mini, the box is entirely black. As a reminder, we usually had yellow and black. On the front of the box, we find a representation of the keyboard illuminated by its RGB LEDs. At the same time, we learn that this keyboard features customizable switches, an extra layer of noise insulation and a foam wrist rest. Of course, the K70 Max RGB is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox and Playstation.

Let’s move on to the rear, where the brand tells us a little more about the customizable switches via iCUE. It will be possible to define a different actuation point per key between 0.4 and 3.6 mm for a force of 45 g. This K70 Max RGB is still equipped with premium materials, such as aluminum.

Like the K65 Pro Mini, the K70 Max RGB is wrapped in protective paper and cardboard protectors in its original box. In any case, this has served its purpose well, as the keyboard arrived in excellent condition.

Corsair K70 Max RGB

The bundle:

Alongside the K70, we’re entitled to two manuals, two additional ABS keys and a small key-puller for safely removing the keys.

Corsair K70 Max RGB

The Corsair K70 Max RGB:

Let’s take a look at the new K70 Max RGB. Clearly, right out of the box, it makes quite an impression. We’re dealing with a heavy keyboard, with an aluminum cover plate and a small “screen” where the logo lights up in the center. Alongside it, the keyboard’s cover is very elaborate, with a very pretty little pattern. A welcome change from what we’ve seen so far. As usual, we’re treated to the multimedia keys and the iconic thumbwheel that has been used for years and years to manage sound.

Below, the keyboard keys are made of double-injected PBT. At first glance, the plastic seems less smooth than conventional ABS and, above all, will last over time. Here, the keys are quite high and thick, unlike Roccat’s Vulcan II. Otherwise, when you handle it, you don’t notice any creaking. So it looks well-made. What’s more, this model has an aluminum construction that guarantees its quality over time.

What’s new about this K70 Max RGB, unlike previous K70s, is the presence of a soft, foam wrist rest, rather like the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic. However, it’s not as soft as the latter, and has a slightly rough surface, which isn’t unpleasant by any means.

How does it look from the back?

The back of the keyboard is a little more refined than that of the K65 Pro Mini we recently tested. There are a few rubber pads for support and two elevating feet on two levels. The label with serial numbers and recycling information has been moved to the top of the keyboard.