Review: Corsair K70 Core


New releases from Corsair today, with the announcement of the brand-new K70 Core gaming keyboard. This time, it’s a 100% format keyboard. Unlike the K65 Pro Mini we recently tested. Our K70 Core features red Corsair switches and, above all, comes at an attractive price: less than 100 euros.

So, what’s this K70 Core worth? Answer in our full review!

Logo Corsair

Technical specifications :

Corsair’s new K70 measures 448 x 153 x 35.4 mm without its wrist rest and weighs 934 g. This is lighter than the last K70 and the previously tested Vulcan II (1.14 kg). The K70 Core features linear Corsair switches similar to Cherry MX Red switches .

Of course, it’s also equipped with RGB LEDs that can be customized via iCUE once again. This new model features double-injected ABS keys. This keyboard from Corsair features a 1.8 m unsheathed cable. Here, unlike the last K70 Max RGB, we’re treated to a polling rate of 1 GHz versus 8.

Recommended system:

To use Corsair’s latest keyboard, you’ll need an Internet connection to download the iCUE software. In addition, you’ll need at least a USB 2.0 port to plug it in. As for the operating system, Corsair recommends Windows 10/11 or macOS version 10.15 .