Review: Corsair K70 Core



It’s high time we came to a conclusion about Corsair’s K70 Core. So, what did we think?

Good overall performance

With its new K70 Core, Corsair offers us a keyboard with an aluminum faceplate and overall plastic finish. Nevertheless, its construction remains solid and of high quality. What’s more, the brand has equipped this reference with a new kind of thumbwheel, aesthetically pleasing in black and yellow. It’s nicely notched and also very pleasant to use. Nevertheless, with the K70 Core, you won’t need to download Corsair’s iCUE software, since the numerous keyboard shortcuts allow you to manage a wide range of possibilities. Nevertheless, if you wish, iCUE is compatible with the K70 Core to manage all available lighting effects. As with all the brand’s latest keyboards, RGB effects are plentiful and intensity is well dosed.

However, we regret that the keyboard cable is not sheathed. Likewise, the palm rest is too flat to be really useful. What’s more, if you rest your wrists on it, it’s rough and can quickly become uncomfortable if you have sensitive skin.

Corsair K70 Core

Here, the brand offers its K70 Core with homemade, pre-lubricated switches. This is very rare on the keyboard market, as it limits the noise of the switches in particular. Even so, it makes them super-sensitive and will generate a lot of keystroke errors.

How much does the K70 Core cost?

Corsair’s new K70 Core is available for €99.99 in Europe. A very attractive price for a mechanical keyboard with pre-lubricated switches.

Corsair K70 Core

We liked :

  • Solid construction despite the presence of a lot of plastic
  • Top-notch RGB
  • Aluminum faceplate
  • New, easy-to-use thumbwheel
  • ICUE software as functional as ever
  • The number of shortcuts that save you installing the software
  • Lubricated switches
  • Attractive price (under €100)

We didn’t like :

  • Hyper-sensitive switches that generate typing errors
  • Wrist rest a little flat and rough in use
  • The unsheathed cable

médaille award OMF or gold

Corsair offers us a very good mechanical keyboard reference. It features a high-quality aluminum and plastic construction. On top of this, the K70 Core features pre-lubricated switches that improve sound and fluidity. Nevertheless, the switches are super-sensitive and typing errors will be numerous. What’s more, the wrist rest is too flat and rough to use. We also regret the presence of an unsheathed cable. However, its contained price of 100 euros is really very attractive!

Thank you Corsair!