Review: Corsair K70 Core



The box:

Our keyboard of the day is housed in a box in Corsair’s colors, i.e. black and yellow. We also discover a representation of the K70 Core illuminated by its RGB LEDs. In addition, we learn that Corsair switches are pre-lubricated and that sound-absorbing foam is installed. Of course, everything can be managed with Corsair iCUE software for macros and lighting effects.

Let’s move on to the rear, where we’re treated to a new representation of the keyboard. The brand reminds us that the switches are pre-lubricated and that the keyboard is fitted with sound-absorbing foam. What’s new here, however, is a glimpse of the multimedia functions available via the small thumbwheel.

Like the K65 Pro Mini and K70 Max RGB, the K70 Core is protected by protective paper and cardboard covers in its original box. In any case, this has served its purpose well, as the keyboard arrived in excellent condition.

Corsair K70 Core

Alongside the K70 Core, we’re only entitled to two manuals.

The Corsair K70 Core:

Let’s take a look at the new K70 Core out of the box. We’re dealing with a classic keyboard with double-shot ABS plastic keys. At first glance, it looks well-made, even though it’s mostly plastic. Nevertheless, it rests on an aluminum faceplate. This model has an unsheathed cable, which we didn’t find very aesthetic when we unpacked it.

On top of this, we’re treated to a “space” touch, with motifs that are a change from the ordinary. Above the directional arrows, there’s a small Corsair logo to remind us of the brand. Moving over to the right of the keyboard, we can see a small black and yellow thumbwheel, a clear departure from the brand’s other K70s.

Finally, this K70 Core features a magnetic plastic wrist rest. It’s rather thin and its coating seems quite abrasive. It too features the Corsair logo in the center.

Corsair K70 Core

And how does it look from the back?

On the back of the keyboard, we find a few rubber pads for support and two elevating feet. The label with serial numbers and recycling information moves to the top of the keyboard.

Corsair K70 Core