Review: Corsair K65 Plus Wireless



The box:

Our keyboard of the day arrives in a box in Corsair’s colors, i.e. black and yellow. On the front, we find an illustration of the K65 Plus Wireless illuminated by its RGB LEDs. Alongside it, we find more information on this reference, such as that it’s a 75% format keyboard with silent typing. In addition, this model is wireless and features hot-swappable switches. This means we can replace them with other switches , for example, if the original ones don’t suit us.

The K65 Plus Wireless comes with Corsair MLX Red switches, which are linear and can be used on PCs, Macs, Xboxes, Playstations and iOS and Android smartphones.

On the back now, we’re treated to more technical information about our keyboard. The brand once again highlights some of the features already specified on the front of the box.

Inside, the keyboard is well protected under a plastic shell and wedged between cardboard protectors. In any case, this has served its purpose, as everything arrived in excellent condition.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

In the box, don’t expect any wonders. You’ll find two instructions, a recharging cable and a small key/switch-puller. But that’s something! If you take Razer’s Huntsman V3 pro, which costs almost 300 euros, it’s already more!

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

The K65 Plus Wireless :

We can see that Corsair’s new keyboard is elegant right out of the box. The keyboard features PBT keys in two different colors. There are black keys, while the others are a slightly bluish gray. On top of this, we’re treated to a metallic escape key overhung by the Corsair logo and a space bar with a triangular pattern. To round things off, the K65 Plus Wireless is equipped with an attractive, well-serrated metal thumbwheel to manage the PC’s sound volume. In short, the design is flawless!

This model is also quite heavy, with an aluminum back plate.

Here, the K65 Plus Wireless is a 75% format keyboard, meaning we’ll be losing the numeric keypad compared with a full-size keyboard. However, it’s still a practical format, in the sense that we’ll be keeping the navigation keys and a few keys like “Del”, for example.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

How does it look from the back?

On the rear, Corsair’s keyboard is beautifully crafted. In fact, the back features attractive glossy patterns. It’s a welcome change from keyboards with nothing behind them. On top of this, we find two elevating tabs on two levels. They face the back of the keyboard, rather than the sides as is sometimes the case. There are also four rubber pads to hold the keyboard in place and prevent it from slipping off the stand.

Finally, at the bottom of the K65 Plus Wireless, we find the keyboard’s serial numbers and recycling information.