Review: Corsair K65 Plus Wireless



It’s high time we came to a conclusion about Corsair’s K65 Plus Wireless. So, what did we think?

A keyboard that performs very well!

Once again, Corsair offers us a very fine keyboard with its K65 Plus Wireless. Indeed, in addition to its solid aluminum construction, we also find PBT keys, a well-serrated aluminum scroll wheel and sound-deadening layers that add real comfort to the keyboard. Admittedly, this adds to its weight, but in my case, it poses no problems whatsoever. In spite of everything, the new K65 is aesthetically pleasing and much more sober than the brand’s previous gaming keyboards. Nothing is left out, and the escape keys and space bar have been customized by the brand to make a discreet reminder. Corsair offers a keyboard with a sheathed cable, slim and discreet, which you’ll use for recharging in particular. What’s more, the new-generation K65 stays in place thanks to its rubber feet under the keyboard.

This model also features RGB LEDs, which are clearly visible, bright and, above all, true to life. White is white, as are yellow and blue, for example. What’s more, Corsair has equipped its K65 Plus Wireless with numerous shortcuts to compensate for the disappearance of certain buttons due to its reduced size.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

In use, typing is fluid and pleasant thanks to its comfortable switches , which are discreet in terms of the noise they emit. What’s more, they’re hot-swappable, so you can easily change them. That’s great, because it means you can customize your keyboard to suit your needs and desires.

Even so, it offers an interesting battery life (up to 266 hours) if you switch off its RGB LEDs. Of course, this will be reduced if you decide to leave them on and add a lighting effect on top. Finally, thanks to its two possible connection modes (via dongle or Bluetooth), this model is compatible with most PCs, consoles and smartphones on the market!

How much does the K65 Plus Wireless cost?

Corsair is offering the new K65 Plus Wireless for €159.99, €10 more than the K65 Pro Mini and €30 more than the K65 RGB Mini. However, this is a mitigating factor, because despite this price increase, which has been rising steadily over the last few years, we mustn’t forget that this model is virtually perfect in terms of the 75% keyboard. Indeed, there’s not much to reproach it for, unlike the old K65s.

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless

We liked :

  • Solid construction with aluminum
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Attractive aluminum thumbwheel
  • PBT keys…
  • … to avoid fingerprints
  • Customized escape and space keys
  • Top-notch, bright RGB LEDs
  • The weight of this model
  • The number of shortcuts available so you don’t have to install the software
  • Sound-deadening layers that make the keyboard really quiet!
  • Comfortable, discreet switches
  • The fact that it’s hot-swappable
  • The presence of a thin, discreet sheathed cable for recharging
  • Rubber feet to keep it firmly in place
  • ICUE software, as functional and feature-rich as ever
  • Long battery life (266 h) when RGB is switched off
  • Bluetooth connection possible, or thanks to the supplied dongle

We disliked :

  • The ever-increasing price tag


médaille award OMF or gold

Corsair’s keyboard is almost beyond reproach. Indeed, we’re dealing with a high-quality, well-kept model equipped with premium materials (aluminum), not to mention the presence of PBT keys and sound-deadening layers to limit noise. In spite of everything, it remains bright thanks to its RGB LEDs, and colors are faithful. What’s more, the switches are comfortable, discreet and can be changed to suit your needs. In short, apart from a price that has risen steadily in recent years, this is a no-fail product for the brand. For us, it’s gold!

Thanks to Corsair!