Review : Arctic MX-6 Thermal paste


The Arctic MX-6:

The Arctic MX-6 is sold in a cardboard box, with the brand’s colors. The cardboard box contains the different technical information of the thermal paste but also pictures of the product. There is also a QR code on the side hidden by an adhesive that confirms the authenticity of the product.

Inside, we have the thermal paste tube. For this 8g version, we do not have a bundle. You will have to take the 4g version with wipes to have a more substantial bundle.

For the syringe, we have an opening on the side allowing us to see the level of paste remaining in the tube.

Regarding the specifications of this paste, we are on a density of 2.6g / ml and a viscosity of 45000 Poise. Here are the tables of the different thermal pastes tested on our configuration. The MX-6 is therefore more than twice as expensive as the MX-4 for the same volume.

KFA² TG-001 & TG-002 Tableau Arctic MX-6 prix / volume

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