Review : Arctic MX-6 Thermal paste


Today, we review the latest thermal paste from Arctic, the Arctic MX-6. This is the replacement for the MX-5 which had an early end. The Arctic MX-6 is presented as a high performance premium thermal compound. Let’s see if it manages to do as well as the best thermal pastes on the market. This new thermal paste is available directly from Arctic or on Amazon at the following prices:

  • $6.79 or 11,99 € for 2g
  • $8.49 or 13,99 € for 4g
  • $9.79 or 14,99 € for 4g with 6 cleaning wipes
  • $11.99 or 17,99 € for 8g

Arctic MX-6 Thanks to Arctic for providing us with this thermal paste for this test.